Schrödinger's Cat NFT VS Schrödinger Cat FT

How will a fraction of Schrödinger's Cat NFT be shown in my wallet?

You can see all NFT assets in your Portkey wallet. It will also show the fractional amount of the NFT you own.

Can I list and sell a fraction of Schrödinger's Cat NFT?

No, you can only list and sell a whole NFT on Forest, our preferred NFT marketplace.


How do I get airdrops?

Follow our socials and stay turned to airdrops campaign.

🕊️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjSchrodinger

What is the minting price?

We can't tell you that for now. Stay tuned and find out when we let the Cat out of the bag.

Where can I trade my Schrödinger's Cat NFT or $SGR Tokens?
How to adopt a Schrödinger Cat NFT?

You can adopt a Schrödinger Cat NFT with $SGR on the official Schrödinger's Cat Project website.

How to evolve my Schrödinger Cat NFT?

Read about the steps and cost here.

How to reset my cat to a previous generation, instead of $SGR/ Gen1?

For any whole cat in any generation, you can only reset it to 1 $SGR (the equivalent of 1 Gen0).

For instance, these will be the SGR you will get when you choose to reroll:

  • 1 x Gen2 = 1 $SGR

  • 1 x Gen9 = 1 $SGR

  • 1.5 x Gen2 = 1 $SGR (0.5 Gen2 will remain in your wallet)

How does the traits get assigned to my Cat?

Gacha! The traits will be randomly assigned to your Cat upon evolving. We used aelf's on-chain Verified Random Function (VRF) to ensure that the randomness would be carried out in a fair manner.


What blockchain is Schrödinger's Cat on?

Our collection is on Forest, which is built on the aelf blockchain.

Where can I view the token contracts for $SGR?

View ERC20 token information on Etherscan here.

Where can I view the Schrödinger's Cat roadmap?

You can view it here.

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