What can you do with your $SGR?


See something you like? Adopt that bad boy with $SGR.

Adopting ain't cheap, do you have what it takes to own a Gen9 cat? Choose wisely – this ain't no participation trophy situation.

Learn how to adopt here.


Take your Schrödinger's Cat to the next level.

Swap previous generation cats and watch your feline friend evolve, showcasing brand new, unpredictable traits. Gacha style and all powered by AI. It's a wild ride to greatness, but remember, evolution is for the bold.


Got regrets? No problem.

Hit the cosmic reroll button, reverting it back to its former glory. It's like time travel for your pet, minus the paradoxes.

Learn how to reroll here.

Tip: If you want to own 1 full Gen9 cat, not fractions of it, start with 1.59 Gen0! If you want 1 of each generation cat, start with 11.32 Gen0!

About weekly reward pool

The size of the weekly reward pool grows with your participation! 10% of all Evolution Tax will be injected into the pool. The more active you and everyone else are, the more rewards there are to win!

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