Earn FLUX-Points on PixiePoints

Join the purr-suit of innovation with us!

The more your community engages through your subdomain, the more FLUX-points you earn and the more $SGR tokens you can acquire!

In collaboration with PixiePoints, Schrödinger's Cat offers you the ability to create a sub-domain of our Schrödinger Cat's website. Your community's engagement through your link will earn you FLUX-points, with activities ranging from account sign-ups to token or NFT-related activities.

Learn more about PixiePoints, a one-stop reward points platform on aelf here.

FLUX-points, while not spendable in the traditional sense, can lead to pawsome rewards. They are your ticket to acquiring $SGR tokens, the key to minting our dynamic Cat NFTs that evolve over time.

  • FLUX-points have no monetary value and are non-transferable.

  • FLUX-points can be swapped for $SGR tokens.

  • $SGR tokens enable the minting of dynamic Cat NFTs, which can evolve over time.

  • $SGR tokens are tradable on both DEXes and CEXes and can also serve as NFTs themselves, available for listing and trading on NFT marketplaces.

Eligible activities from your members can be found here.

Earning FLUX-points through these actions allows for swapping to $SGR tokens. With over 90% of the total token supply dedicated to FLUX-points mining, the community has nearly limitless opportunities to acquire $SGR tokens, ensuring a fair and feline-friendly way to obtain and evolve NFTs.

Become a Schrödinger's Cat partner and empower your community today!

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