Adopt or evolve a Schrödinger Cat

Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to adopt a Schrödinger Cat!

1 . Visit and create a Portkey wallet using any one of the 4 ways:

  • Download Portkey iOS mobile app.

  • Download Portkey Android mobile app.

  • Install Portkey Chrome extension.

  • Download our mobile app Android APK via Schrodinger mobile app.

2 . Visit and log in with your Portkey wallet.

3 . Click "Adopt Next-Gen Cat".

If you need $SGR tokens, find out how to get them HERE!

4 . Sign transaction.

5 . Select 1 out of the 2 AI-generated cats.

Remember, our AI-powered NFTS can evolve from Gen1 to Gen9, and each generation gives your cat more unique traits! Find out more about the traits HERE.

Also, you need at least 1.59 $SGR tokens to evolve your cat NFT to Gen9!

GMEOW! You now own your first cat NFT!

Alternatively, you can also adopt cats on Forest, an NFT marketplace.

  1. Go to Forest.

  2. Adopt one listed on Forest.


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