Portkey Wallet Download Guide

Download Portkey Wallet

Register Portkey Account

  • Sign up for a Portkey Wallet account using Google ID, Apple ID, email, or Telegram account. Set a PIN code during registration.

Upon completion, you'll instantly have a MainChain address on aelf network, and within 3-4 minutes, you'll also see your Sidechain address at the second line (ends with tDVV). Click on your SideChain address and then on "Receive", you'll see your own SideChain Address

About aelf

aelf network operates on a MainChain-SideChain structure, with the MainChain mainly for transfers with exchanges, and the SideChain for improved scalability.

About Portkey

Portkey Wallet is a smart contract wallet without mnemonic phrases. You can always use your registration information to login, and you can enhance security by adding more Guardians.

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