Swap for $SGR (ERC20) on DEX and bridge to aelf Sidechain (tDVV)

If you wish to buy $SGR from a decentralised exchange, first swap for $SGR on Uniswap. Then, using the dApp eBridge, bridge $SGR from Ethereum (ERC20) to aelf's sidechain (tDVV). Step-by-step guide:

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  1. Visit eBridge and connect your wallet.

  2. Under "From", select "Ethereum" and connect the wallet you are bridging your ERC20 $SGR from.

  3. Under "To", select "SideChain tDVV" and connect your Portkey Wallet or your Portkey Wallet address.

  4. Select "SGR" and "SGR" respectively and enter the amount you'd like to bridge.

  5. Click on "Transfer" to proceed with the cross-chain transaction.

  6. The estimated time of arrival from Ethereum to SideChain tDVV is 40 minutes.

Note: Please use the non-custodial wallet address for cross-chain transactions. Using exchange addresses as the recipient address will result in asset loss.

Work-in-progress. It is advised for users to use eBridge on Web or other methods such as ETransfer.

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